Teatro Povero (Poor Theatre)

From 1967 in the old village of Monticchiello, the Teatro Povero (Poor Theatre) has been performing successfully meeting with the public’s and the criticism’s approval and becoming one of the main cultural events of the area. In the second forthnight of July the villagers present an ” autodrama” ( as Giorgio Strehler defined it ) which is collectively elaborated during the Winter and which faces current themes on the basis of the history of the community.

The show is realized with such a taste and such a quality to be enviable for many of the most famous actors and professional producers. The show originates and develops day after day during the rehearsals. The theme develops under the guide of the director , of the authors and with the suggestions of the actors who are already acting. The scene, which is obviously realized by local carpenters, is an example of great conceptual and realizative skill. The simple and successfull direction is greately carried on by the local actors togheter with simple villagers who are going to be on stage. For almost thirty years they have been carring on the show with their own production.

The script is in Tuscan dialect, but it is very easy to follow, light and straightforward; it give the chance to laugh but also to make deeper meditations. The show is replied in the Piazza del Teatro (Theatre Square) for approximately three weeks across July and August (every day but Monday) at 9:30 p.m.