New Year Concert

Concerto Capodanno 2014 a Monticchiello

January 1, 2015 at 17:00 / Theatre Company , Monticchiello – FREE ADMISSION
CONCERT : Andrea Agostini to bass clarinet and accordion Umberto Ugoberti
INTERLUDE by : Luca Maria Burocchi the classical guitar

The musical journey touches various musical genres and styles of the past and present, have developed in various locations around the world , starting from the repertoire euro – educated composers Classics , baroque , romantic , up to the contemporary music , through popular music , or better folklore , such as the tango , klezmer , moving to jazz , in many forms , until, after a passage for the music consumer , to contemporary music , which can be identified with different styles , through the execution of original songs composed for the group itself . Ariadne’s thread that acts as a binder for the whole is united in the passion ll’alta professionalism with which the research group from time to time different paths , with the ultimate goal of giving the public the emotions and feelings related to their memories .

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